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Ayrshire Predictive Analytics Meeting

Friday 15 February 2019

Event Details
Airthrey Castle
University of Stirling


In 2017, we hosted presentations from Ayrshire College on their predictive analytics project, which demonstrated real impact when it came to addressing student retention rates. There was a lot of interest in the platform which had been developed in-house, especially when Ayrshire announced that they were willing to share the solution with the sector. We held a meeting where a number of colleges agreed to explore a trial roll-out.

Unfortunately, before things could progress, unforeseen personnel changes meant that Ayrshire was no longer able to provide technical support. Although we approached other agencies for assistance, the roll-out stalled and the momentum was lost.

Progress to 2019 and we have some good news! Ayrshire College have continued to make use of their analytics platform to great effect and Dumfries & Galloway College were able to implement the platform, adding an automated process to the collection of data to streamline the process. Most importantly, Ayrshire College have managed to recruit new personnel are working on a new version of their successful solution.

It feels that the time is right to look again at the Ayrshire solution, see what’s been happening over the last 2 years, and bring together a wider audience to discuss how we can take this forward together.

So, we extend an open invitation to interested parties to attend a meeting at the College Development Network offices in Stirling on Friday, 15th February, to hear from Richard and the team at Ayrshire College, along with colleagues from Dumfries & Galloway College to learn what predictive analytics can do for you.

Our programme for the afternoon:

13:00 Welcome
13:05 Ayrshire Predictive Analytics – The story so far
13:30 Roadmap
13:50 Dumfries & Galloway – Adopting the Ayrshire solution
14:00 Opportunities (MSc Data Science placements)
14:10 Going forward
14:30 AoB

Who should attend

  • Those with an interest in the area of learning/predictive analytics.

  • Institutions looking for an analytics solution with an impact evidence base.


This meeting aims to cover:

  • an overview of the Ayrshire Predictive Analytics project

  • the development roadmap

  • a presentation on Dumfries & Galloway’s implementation

  • opportunities for involvement.