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An overview of Professional Standards and How Good is Our College for Learning and Teaching Chairs Webinar

Wednesday 13 February 2019

(Please note: The webinar will be available 30 mins prior to start time)
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As part of our Learning and Teaching Chairs Forum delivery, we are pleased to offer this webinar to provide our Learning & Teaching Forum members and board members of learning and teaching committees with an overview of the new Professional Standards for college lecturers, and the latest update from Education Scotland on How Good is Our College.

A copy of the Professional Standards can be found here

1400: Welcome and Introductions

1410: How Good is our College
Karen Corbett, Education Scotland
Karen will update participants on the latest with HGIOC and what this means for colleges going forward

1440: Professional Standards
Bernadette McGuire, CDN
Bernadette, on behalf of CDN, will brief participants on the new professional standards for college lecturers.

1515: End

If you have any initial questions you would like to put to Karen or Bernadette, please submit these to victoria.pyle@cdn.ac.uk

Who should attend

L&T Chairs Forum members, board members of Learning and Teaching committees


Outcomes from this webinar will contribute to the board development workshop on learning and teaching in March.