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Professional Standards Roadshows
Your profession, your standards, your voice
Tuesday 26 February 2019

Event Details
Borders College (Scottish Borders Campus)
Nether Road



CDN is hosting events across the country to meet with college curriculum staff. We are keen to hear from anyone engaged in the delivery of learning and teaching across a wide range of disciplines, to help map the development needs of the sector.

Hear from colleagues who supported the review of the Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland’s Colleges and be part of designing CDN’s service offer to help meet your learning and teaching development needs.

To get maximum benefit from this event, please read the Professional Standards before attending and bring with you 3 bullet points on what the Standards mean for you, to share with colleagues.

You may find it helpful to bring an internet enabled device (laptop or tablet) with you.

Who should attend

College staff are welcome to attend any of the Professional Standards Roadshows.


Each event will cover the following:
  • What’s new in the Professional Standards?
  • What do the Professional Standards mean for you in learning and teaching?
  • Needs analysis workshop: what’s already available to you (through your college or other agencies) and what are the gaps?
  • Service design workshop: how would you like to access professional development resources and training from CDN?