CDN Food and Drink Careers Expo
Juliane Grasekamp
Entrepreneur and Founder of SnuggleMuffin
Kate Mathieson
Subject Mentor - Food & Drink

Kate has 11 years involvement in FE and HE, with 8 of these years focusing on food and drink. Kate is now the Food and Drink Subject Mentor at College Development Network.

For the last four years her mission has been to raise awareness in our colleges, of the Scottish food and drink sector, its importance to Scotland’s economy and the varied opportunities it offers our young people for secure, vibrant and constantly challenging careers along its entire supply chain.

Kate works closely with a wide range of stakeholders and partners from industry, education and other government bodies to run events to promote the sector, to develop support for college staff along with qualifications and study routes relevant to the needs of the modern food and drink industry.

Jim Metcalfe
Chief Executive Officer
College Development Network
Jim Metcalfe took up post as Chief Executive of College Development Network (CDN) in January 2017. He was previously Head of Development and Practice at the Carnegie UK Trust where his work focused on entrepreneurship and skills, local economic development, and supporting leadership networks across sectors. He has also worked extensively with further education institutions across the UK and Ireland, particularly through the Enterprising Minds and TestTown initiatives.
Sam Pettipher
Joint Founder and Director of EBar
Sam Pettipher began his career developing renewable energy projects but this all changed when he had an idea to develop the EBar®, a dispenser capable of pouring carbonated beverages in seconds. Only a year ago Sam entered the Food&Drink sector with almost no knowledge or network- but this has now changed
Laura-Alexandra Smith
STEM and FDF Ambassador
Moira Stalker
National Co-ordinator
Food and Drink Federation Scotland Schools Programme

This programme inspires the next generation of recruits into the industry by helping pupils, teachers and parents understand the wide range of fantastic career opportunities available in food and drink and the skills required by employers.

Mark Steell
Development Adviser
Developing the Young Workforce
James Withers
Chief Executive
Scotland Food & Drink