WEBINAR: SQA National Qualifications – Unit Assessment Update (2017-18)

Webinar Series – National Qualifications – Unit and Course Assessment (2017-18)

WEBINAR: SQA National Qualifications – Unit Assessment Update (2017-18)

Wednesday 4 October 2017

(The room will be open to join 30 minutes prior to the start of the Webinar for audio testing)


CDN, in partnership with SQA will be holding a new series of webinars for college staff designed to support understanding of assessment within National Qualification Courses and Units and good practice in assessment during 2017-18
  • Webinar 1 - Monday 19 June
  • Webinar 2 - Wednesday 27 September
  • Webinar 3 - Wednesday 4 October
This is the final webinar of the series and will focus on ensuring that college staff are familiar with the full range of Unit assessment approaches that are used within the National Qualifications as well as providing a recap of the SQA quality assurance procedures for session 2017-18.

By attending this webinar, college staff will be able to reflect on the findings from recent quality assurance processes and reporting, ensuring that they are confident in planning and using different assessment approaches, adapting and/or developing their own Unit assessments/reassessment approaches.

The webinar content will be mainly generic, but will also refer and draw upon existing SQA subject specific guidance and support as appropriate.

Who should attend

  • College Curriculum Leaders/managers
  • College Coordinators
  • Lecturing staff involved in the delivery and assessment of SQA National Qualification Courses and/or Units


This final webinar of the series will support and promote effective assessment practice by highlighting:
  • the current range of Unit assessment approaches for NQ Units
  • good practice related to developing Unit assessments
  • key information related to Unit assessment in National Qualifications from the past Round 2 verification activities.