Preparing for the Storm
Preparing for the Storm

Tuesday 24 October 2017

(Registration from 1230)
Event Details
College Development Network
Argyll Court
Castle Business Park


FourSys, organiser of the SecureTour 2017 conferences (now ended, but you can catch up with some of the keynotes here), and renowned cyber security firm in their own right have agreed to bring their team up from England to deliver a bespoke workshop on cyber resilience for the education sector.

The workshop covers:

• Overview of the cybersecurity landscape
• Steps you should take to protect your networks
• How this helps with GDPR
• An ethical hacking demonstration

FourSys have a long record of supporting the sector with free resources and useful advice. It’s worth taking a look at their free Cybersecurity Training Toolkit and Online Cybersecurity Risk Assessment.

We’re also delighted to welcome Keith McDevitt, Scottish Government’s Cyber Resilience Integrator, who will be delivering a participative walkthrough of an escalating cyber-attack with you in the executive hot seat!

Who should attend

Anyone with an interest in, or tasked with developing cyber resilience within his/her organisation. Delegates welcome from all education sectors.


This session aims to:

• Summarise the current cybersecurity landscape
• Provide practical advice on protecting your infrastructure
• Offer an opportunity to network with colleagues in your area