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Service Design: A User-Focused Approach

Tuesday 21 November 2017


Event Details
College Development Network
Argyll Court
Castle Business Park


This event offers a fantastic opportunity for team participation.
To ensure that marketing and communications teams across all colleges are able to take part, bookings are limited to five places per college.


Service design is the thoughtful creation of systems, processes and experiences that normally evolve rather than being consciously designed.

The people who use and deliver services - learners, administrators, teachers and support staff have a pivotal role in helping to design more useful and effective ways of doing things.

We will be introducing a number of different methods from design.

The methods are useful, but the most important tools in the designer’s toolbox are curiosity, an open mind and the willingness to try and make things work better.

Open to everyone, we believe that Service Design has the power to transform public services and communities, to enable companies to deliver new levels of value to their customers, and innovators to unlock the potential of new technologies that create value for society.

We are very grateful to Dundee and Angus College, who will be leading this event.

Anyone working in a college marketing team – whatever your discipline. It will incorporate elements of design, PR, marketing, communications and customer service.

It will also be of great interest to anyone involved in designing any aspect of a service – and who is interested in improving their service, from the perspective of service users.

Watch Dundee and Angus College introduce the Service Design methods used to bring their vision of "Good to Great" to life.

If you are interested in Digital Storytelling, you may also be interested in our upcoming 'Made on a Mobile (film-making)' event taking place on Friday 08 December 2017. You can view more information here.


This event aims to:

  • Encourage participants to think differently about Service Design
  • Provide an interactive approach to introducing key elements of Service Design methodologies
  • Facilitate a user-centred approach to Service Design improvement