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Learning and Teaching Board Member Workshop
Promoting a Leadership and Quality Culture

Wednesday 14 March 2018

Event Details
College Development Network
Airthrey Castle
University of Stirling


Learning and Teaching is the core business of colleges and Board Members who take a particular interest in this need to know how to add maximum value to the efforts of staff without being experts themselves. This workshop is the first time the sector has offered Board Members an opportunity to focus on this central topic. It is also a chance to get to know your counterparts in other boards.

Education Scotland is currently working on an analysis of the reports submitted by each college last year as part of the new Quality Framework. This Framework puts the onus squarely on colleges and their Boards to identify their own areas for learning and teaching improvements. This day will explore the themes starting to emerge from the analysis of these reports and help you to be ready to provide Governance and Leadership as we move into the second year.

Who should attend

The workshop is aimed at College Board Members.


The aims of this workshop are –

  • To allow board members involved with the Governance of Learning and Teaching to make contact with each other
  • To explore the Governance and Leadership role of the Board/Learning and Teaching Committees in promoting a culture of continuous improvement
  • To discuss some emerging themes from the first year of Education Scotland’s new Quality Framework and how Boards/Learning & Teaching Committees might respond
  • To review examples of how colleges across the country are seeking to improve the quality of their offering

Booking a Place

To book a place on this workshop, please contact your Board Secretary or contact caitlin.ritchie@cdn.ac.uk.