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Social Media in Education and Practical Considerations Around Its Use Webinar

Wednesday 3 April 2019

(Please note: The webinar will be available 30 mins prior to start time)
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A conversation around the practical considerations of using social media for teaching. There will be an emphasis related to data protection, linked to James’ role as the Data Protection Officer (UHI).

This will include: data controllership, data sharing relationships in the act and practice, data protection liability in the age of GDPR, the GDPR accountability principle, reputations of social media companies, the tension between ubiquity and the rights of non-users for teaching providers, business continuity, complaints and what can go wrong, terms of service and academic standards.

Who should attend

Anyone with an interest in the use of Social Media in education.


The webinar aims to:
  • Link the use of social media for learning and teaching with practical data protection issues
  • Cover the rights of users
  • Share practical steps to protect the rights of college staff and students
This webinar is part of Cyber Scotland Week 2019. CDN will also be running a College Cyber Securtiy Conference in partnership with the Scottish Governement on Tuesday 23 April. For more information and to book your place please click here.