Digital Ambition Roadshow - West College Scotland

Digital Ambition Roadshow - West College Scotland

West College Scotland (Paisley Campus), Renfrew Road, Paisley, PA3 4DR

Event Begins Thursday, October 31, 2019 10:00 am and finishes at 1:00 pm in Paisley

This event is free to attend however please note that as per our Terms and Conditions below failure to attend on the day will result in a £10 administration charge unless otherwise agreed.

What to Expect from the Digital Ambition Roadshow - West College Scotland


Chaired by Dr Ken Thomson OBE, Principal, Forth Valley College, a Short Life Working Group has been established by Colleges Scotland to develop a sector-wide Digital Ambition 2030. The group, comprised of representatives from colleges and sector bodies including College Development Network, Scottish Funding Council and Jisc is engaging in a series of national workshops to gather views on colleges digital priorities for the next ten years.

Our Digital Ambition 2030 will encompass the entire college ecosystem. It will influence investment in infrastructure and shape provision of learning experiences to meet the changing needs of learners.

These workshops, and the views that stakeholders provide, will help us to produce this visionary Digital Ambition for our sector.

Who should attend

Workshops are open to participants from all colleges. Staff in any role including the executive team, lecturers, support staff and student association representatives are encouraged to attend. 

You may find it helpful to bring an internet enabled device (laptop, tablet or phone) with you.


Each event will cover the following:
  • What will learning look like in 2030?
  • What will learners expect  from colleges and how will learning be delivered?
  • What will college staff need to deliver this?
  • What will the college infrastructure look like to deliver our digital ambitions
  • Digital in colleges is not just about learning. What will the college of the future look and feel like?
  • What have we missed?
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