Gaming and Gambling: Health and Wellbeing

Gaming and Gambling: Health and Wellbeing

Event Begins Wednesday, June 17, 2020 1:30 pm and finishes at 3:30 pm

This session is free to attend.
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What to Expect from the Gaming and Gambling: Health and Wellbeing

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This interactive webinar will engage college and university staff in learning about how gaming and gambling can affect the health and wellbeing of students in Scotland.

Participants will have an opportunity to discuss concerns about the impact of the current covid-19 outbreak on those vulnerable to experiencing gambling harms, and to receive information about gaming and gambling behaviours among students.
This workshop will be facilitated by Warren Hughes, Gambling Education Hub, Fast Forward.

Who should attend

This webinar is relevant for all staff working in student support roles within college and universities.

  • Increased awareness of gaming and gambling, including online gambling, and their impact on the health and wellbeing of students
  • Understanding harm reduction in relation to gaming and gambling, and the links with other risk-taking behaviours
  • Exploring a variety of ways to address gaming and gambling within further and higher education settings
  • Increased knowledge of the resources available to deliver gaming and gambling education and prevention activities
  • Awareness of specialised support services.

Meet the Speakers

   Warren Hughes, Gambling Education Hub, Fast Forward
Last year, Fast Forward, a national youth work charity, launched the Gambling Education Hub, the only national programme of this kind in Scotland. Its mission is for every young person to have access to gambling education and prevention opportunities. Through a harm reduction approach, the Hub provides tailored support to practitioners working in a range of sectors.

Warren is currently leading the delivery of the project in the formal education/secondary schools sector and the further and higher education sector. His role within the formal education sector is to increase awareness, knowledge and confidence regarding gambling education and prevention in Scottish secondary schools. Within the further and higher education sectors, Warren works with universities and colleges to improve their provision for supporting problem gamblers and preventing gambling-related harms among students. He has also supported successful gambling awareness campaigns at various institutions around Scotland.
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