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Looking Forward: Pre-Nursing Education

Monday 17 June 2019

Event Details
New College Lanarkshire (Coatbridge Campus)
Kildonan Street



This conference will explore and discuss the impact of the following recent publications on the work of colleges, and other organisations, in preparing for a diverse future nurse workforce:

Future nurse: Standards of proficiency for registered nurses, published in May 2018; mindful that the revised degree programmes, reflecting these new standards, launch in Universities from Sept 2020.
The CNO Commission on Widening Participation in Nursing and Midwifery Education and Careers, December 2017; aims to maximise opportunities to participate in nursing and midwifery education and careers, sets the context for this event.

During the morning we will focus on The Future Nurse Standards and in the afternoon, workshops will focus on various aspects of the CNO widening participation work.

An anticipated outcome from this conference is the creation of a Forum for Action which will take forward the actions identified during the conference.

Who should attend

College and university staff involved in developing and delivering qualifications that prepare students for access or articulation to nursing degrees and NHS boards.