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Honorary Professor

Faculty of Social Sciences

University of Stirling

Ron has worked with over 90 further education and sixth form colleges in England in relation to governance and governing practices.

Ron has previously worked as a primary school teacher, further education college lecturer, local authority education officer, and college vice principal.

Ron has published a number of research studies into the processes of governing colleges including the following topics :- the contribution of senior staff to governing, the self-assessment of performance by governing bodies, the role and experience of the chair of the governing body, the role and experience of the clerk to the governing body.

Ron’s current research interests include remuneration of college governors, professional development for clerks/secretaries (including the use of a structured professional journal), the role of governing within models of ‘distributed leadership’, the preparation of university leaders for working with a governing body.

Ron acts as Convener of the BELMAS research interest group ‘Governing and Governance in Education’ and is a Member of the Editorial Board for the BELMAS Journal : Management in Education – the Journal of Professional Practice

Ron is a member of the research team formed from Stirling, Cardiff and Birmingham universities addressing the topic ‘Processes and practices of governing further education colleges in the U.K. : How do governing boards realise the strategic aims of the organisation?’